I am~ Living Shasta Photography by Karrie Ann; an eight generation Californian experiencing life one moment at a time! I have lived in these far nor-cal mountains since 1985 at the base of the magnificent volcanoe, Mt. Shasta!  Photography has been a significant part of my life since I was a child, and yet is a field that continues to hold new beginnings for me as I explore each new location, subject and embark on a never ending opportunity for outdoor adventures and technological advances.  I am a portrait photographer specializing in people in nature, even the images of Mount Shasta are her portrait, and those ever changing moods are always calling me in.  The process of dreaming, creating, scouting and planning details for every photo shoot are all key elements to my craft.  My favorite part is continually finding myself in the right place at the right time far surpassing any plans I could have dreamed possible.  Blending light, spirit, emotion and geometry to create stunning imagery is my art!  Imagery that reminds us all how Magnificent this Life really is!  

It was the year 2001 that really shaped my craft into what it is today, bringing the birth of my first child and moving to Black Butte Lookout with my best friend. It was and incredible experience to bring new life into the world and to live in such an energetic location!  My home is literally sitting in the artery leading up to the heart of Shasta!  Every day are beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Magnificent storms continually rolling in and out over the top of us and settling on her peaks! Wild 60+mph winds working their way up and creating lenticular cloud masterpieces over the mountain. Some so unique to our area and obviously so when compared to the pictures that would surface of the same cloud from different views around the mountain.  I am literally living in a hot spot of activity and I couldn’t grab my camera fast enough every time a new emotion would grace the face of my child or this mysterious mountain.  My love for photography ignited and I began to educate myself on how to master photography with this new experience and tool called the “world wide web”.  I soon learned that if i could search it then i could learn it!  And so began my journey of being a self taught photographer!

I am always up for deeply inspiring spiritual and philosophical conversation, uncontrollable laughter, a great adventure, and love to wander. Let’s go! KA


The link below shows just a handful of my favorite images captured over the years from my home Black Butte Lookout.  Nestled right at the base of Black Butte in the North West valley of Mount Shasta, there is no other view like it.  The images are a combination of my professional cameras and half of them from my iPhone.   People that have stayed with us over the years have been in awe to sit and watch the mountain and they all exclaim “never have i slept so peacefully than when i lay to sleep at Black Butte”.    This place is quite an experience  and we look forward to connecting and sharing with many more from around the world that travel and stay here. KA

Black Butte Lookout