Enjoy this slide show of just a handful of my favorite images of Mt Shasta

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If you've always wanted to have a gorgeous piece of Mt Shasta shining in the Heart of your home...

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Between Now and Nov 23rd 2017

I am offering 30% off plus free shipping for any size print or any mounted ready to hang print such as metal or canvas...

30% off standard pricing

PLUS free shipping to your front door within 3-5 days!!

Message me KA at 530-859-2292 or ka@livingshasta.com

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To see large printed samples of my work... visit The Gallery in Mt Shasta at 201 North Mt Shasta Blvd Mt Shasta. Use the code kas to receive a second complimentary mat for your framing purchase! 







Link to showroom gallery of Mt Shasta!




All of my images in print, metal or canvas can be ordered through me and to your door in 3-5 days for $20 flat rate shipping.  Email ka@livingshasta.com or text 530-859-2292 to place your order.


*The benefit of vivid metal is durability, the image really pops beautifully and you can hang it immediately where as the con of metal is glare but only if you are hanging it opposite a window.  This can be alleviated by hanging on a non window reflecting wall or by slightly tilting it when hanging. 

*The benefit of a canvas gallery wrap is beautiful texture, image depth so it is 3D off the wal and you can hang it immediately where as the con is it can be punctured if handled carelessly during travel.  

*The benefit of a loose print to be framed is extreme durabilty being put behind glass, the con is weight and not being able to immediately hang and cost of framing is a little higher than metal or canvas. 


All prints are 100 plus year archival and longer if kept out of direct sunlight.  They are created in a similar developing process as film even though they are all digital images.  All of my images are very sharp and vivid and look great printed very large even as murals.  My signature of KA (for Karrie Ann) is embeded in the bottom right corner of each image.  I would be thrilled to provide an image for you to the growing number of shasta lovers around the world!


Link to showroom gallery of Mt Shasta!





Popular sizes and pricing...


Lustre prints (loose ready to frame prints)

The following prints are a 2:3 aspect ratio (exactly or very close to the ratio that comes off my camera)


8x12   $60.00      Sale Price $42.00

11x16 $70.00      Sale Price $49.00     

12x18 $80.00      Sale Price $56.00

16x20 $150.00     Sale Price $105.00

16x24 $220.00     Sale Price $154.00

20x30 $275.00     Sale Price $193.00

24x36 $455.00     Sale Price $319.00

30x40 $465.00     Sale Price $326.00

30x45 $545.00     Sale Price $382.00


The following print sizes are a 1:2 aspect ratio (which is more of a scenic pano feel) my personal favorite for wall art.


10x20 $90.00        Sale Price $63.00   

12x24 $150.00      Sale Price $105.00

15x30 $250.00      Sale Price $175.00

20x40 $400.00      Sale Price $280.00




Metal Prints come ready to hang with gator block on back (more sizes available)


12x18 $170.00      Sale Price $119.00

15x30 $470.00      Sale Price $329.00

16x20 $275.00      Sale Price $193.00

16x24 $390.00      Sale Price $273.00

20x30 $510.00      Sale Price $357.00

20x40 $790.00      Sale Price $553.00

24x36 $830.00      Sale Price $581.00

30x40 $890.00      Sale Price $623.00





Canvas Gallery Wraps, 2.5 inch deep, ready to hang (more sizes available)


15x30 $555.00      Sale Price $388.50

16x20 $395.00      Sale Price $277.00

16x24 $490.00       Sale Price $343.00

20x30 $620.00      Sale Price $434.00

20x40 $820.00      Sale Price $574.00

24x36 $890.00      Sale Price $623.00

30x40 $1015.00    Sale Price $711.00

40x60 $1325.00    Sale Price $928.00




Framed Print pricing for Pick up only, order through KA





The crop on these first three images is my personal favorite for a large scenic wall print.  Its an aspect ratio of 1:2 which is good for a print size of 15"x30", 20"x40" or larger.  






The crop on the next 5 images are an aspect ratio of 1:3 which is good for a 10"x30" or a 20"x60" print size or larger.  Much longer and skinnier :)  Not typically available in canvas or metal unless a custom size is ordered for an additional fee.







The next two images are in the original aspect ratio off of my cameras which is a 2:3.  Without cropping or losing image this can be printed in an 12x18, 16x24, 24x36 and 40x50 and so on...

532570_10150894549725636_1594189560_n532570_10150894549725636_1594189560_n 252330_10150882229900636_1983706797_n252330_10150882229900636_1983706797_n 553868_10150894487880636_452937727_n553868_10150894487880636_452937727_n

Link to gallery of photographers favorites of Mt Shasta!