Please see this page for pricing and ordering fine art prints of Mt Shasta :)

Welcome to the collection of my select favorite images of Mt Shasta. All of my images are of "real" scenes of Mt Shasta around Siskiyou County. I pride myself that nothing is superimposed or added in post processing... Most of the "pop" and Majestic feel to my images comes just comes from my crazy lighting in layers style and my personal aggresive editing workflow (99% in Lightroom and 1% in PhotoShop)! Once in a while I will do an HDR image which entails blending multiple images of a scene to produce balanced lighting. Still a real scene but easier to view like our own eyes do.
Remember there are multiple pages worth of images. Each gallery has purchasing options for every image. You can buy mugs, aprons, flasks, magnets, steins, bamboo products, cell phone cases, ipad cases, cutting boards and much more... As well as prints small and large ready to hang that come mounted on canvas, wood, metal and more... Soon I will have some of the more popular images custom sized for ordering on products that are vertical. The images here will work but with some cropping. So keep your eyes peeled for updates ;-) Thankyou ahead of time for your purchase, it supports my family and all of our endeavors including the blood, sweat, tears and friendships we pour back into this beautiful little town we call home at the base of Magnificent Mt Shasta! This website brings a little of our home to share with all of you around the world! Enjoy, xo KA
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