I am thrilled you have chosen KA at Living Shasta Photography to be your photographer

Below are tips for navigating my site, choosing favorite images, print ordering and much more...
















These first few links are actual picture tips ive created that illustrate (my favorite style of learning) exactly where to click when navigating the site for certain tasks :)


How to share your shopping cart with photographer





Old Fasioned written instructions below :)


Important Shipping cost information

There are many shipping options to choose from at normal shipping rates.  If you are just ordering prints then your shipping will be $3 to $4 for ground.  If you order prints along with other items then your order will be split and you will have two shipping costs because they come from different labs around the country.  


Creating an account on LSP website...

If you are a new client to Living Shasta Photography.com you will need to create an account (before you start favoriting images or ordering).  It is located on the left hand side of the screen. Click “Login or Register”.  This account stays with you for life! To access your photos just type in your gallery id through the client access link in the website menu or for sports and schools just click on the link in client access.  


Purchasing prints and products...

Through the site you can order many products such as; prints, memory mates, custom Mt Shasta memory mates, gallery wraps, cell phone covers, collages, photo books and much more… they are shipped right to your front door. All prints and products must be and can only be ordered from Living Shasta Photography website.  

When you are viewing an image you want click on the little shopping cart icon and go to whichever category is appropriate for what you are looking for. In some cases if you order prints and novelty/gift items they will come from different labs around the country and therefore requiring two shipping payments. Shipping is actual shipping (not inflated shipping).

MAKE SURE to use the sites built in back buttons! There are usually two per page once you are in the shoppin cart. If you use your browsers back button it will take you many steps back instead of just back to the category you chose.


To find custom Mt Shasta memory mates ive created for sports

click on the "other" category once you are in the memory mate section of shopping options


Downloading High Resolution from your gallery or low resolution from a sports shoot ive photographed

Once KA is done with the first edit and your shoot is uploaded you can view your images by putting in your gallery id into client access and or visiting the link emailed to you.   Your images will remain in your hidden gallery for as long as Living Shasta is operating as a business. These high resolution files are licensed for archiving and social media sharing only.  Images do not include a print product release in them except through Living Shasta Photography. If desired that release can be purchased upon request. Need an image for commercial use? Just ask!



Selecting Favorites and Sharing them with Photographer...


Also included with your portrait sitting fee is the option to choose your favorites for KA to look over and do a 5 star edit on before you order prints or share on social media.  Please try and keep this selection to 25 images or less, and remember you get all your images so dont stress about picking the most perfect ones. 5 star edits include; removing flyaway hairs, minimal pimple removal, additional cropping, lighting adjustments, and 1 face transplant if need be (a donor image from the same angle pose set must be used). Face transplants are perfect if you really love a certain image yet one person has their eyes closed or an undesirable look. That persons face will be copied from another image (of your choice) from the same set, then blended in and will be nothing short of looking completely natural.



How To

First you will need to be logged in to the site. Being logged in first is very important so your favorites are associated with your account. Then to add an image to your favorites you need to click on the heart button. Once all your chosen images are added, click “my favorites” (top left of screen) then choose “send to” photographer and caption it “5 star edit please”. To remove images from favorites you can click the x at the top right in the overall thumbnail view of favorites.

KA will message you when the 5 star edits are done and re-uploaded to your gallery.   



Deep Designer Edits...

Bringing a little KA Hollywood style to Mt Shasta! A Deep Designer Edit, can be purchased through your shopping cart for an additional fee.  They include brightening eyes, lightening bags under eyes, lessening wrinkles, removing double chin, muffin top extraction, scar removal, adding angel glow and skin softening.  If Spanx can do it, KA will do it!  No plastic surgery, just keeping you feeling your best ;-)





Other Tips


MAKE SURE to use the sites built in back buttons! There are usually two per page once you are in the shoppin cart. If you use your browsers back button it will take you many steps back instead of just back to the category you chose.


To see a picture larger then click on the center of it.  To see it as large as possible either download the original file or view it on a larger screen.

If you feel overwhelmed trying to pick favorites then just add what you can and message me to sort for you when you share the set with photographer.

You can also share sets of favorites with family or friends by selecting the second tab next to the share with photographer option.

Or you can share the whole shoot by copying the web address at the top of page.

If you have a question about a specific image or comparison of images then send me a message using the file numbers that show up as image names.

Multiple people in your family at different locations can log into your account and add their favorites to your selection.  They must be logged in as you to do this.  And then they can paste the link you sent them in the adress bar above.  

To access your photos just type in your gallery id which is the first initial of your name followed by your last name and the year.  For example Jane Smith in 2015 would be jsmith2015






TIPS  for Clothing, Tanning, Food, Friends, Makeup, Hair and Skin:


  • Vary your style, but go with what works and flatters your body.
  • Bring a variety of colors, and bring both dressy and casual clothing.
  • Or bring “all” your favorites and we can help narrow down choices.
  • A little tan is nice, but don’t go too crazy.  
  • Plan ahead to avoid extra breakouts! Don’t try anything new on your face at least 1 week before your shoot.
  • Please do not go for any drastic changes right before your session, Stick with styles that you already know you like!
  • Arrive with your hair and makeup the way you like it.
  • Bring a friend!
  • Don’t come hungry! Even if you are nervous, eat something!
  • Attitude is everything! What you believe about yourself and how your photos will look is huge!  Its like wrapping a gift for yourself everyday, whatever you want to unwrap at the end of the day is exactly what you should put in the box! So come with the expectation and planning to have fun, feel good, express yourself and let me do the camera magic to tell your story!
  • Remember, timeless photos are always tasteful, so keep Grandma in mind.