I have this shared here for educational reasons for anyone wanting to better understand the phenomena that society is currently living in and the ripple my pictures stirred up. I am an artist and when i posted these pictures it was with great pride and joy. The pictures went semi viral with 2.5 million views, 23,000 comments and 13,000 shares. Also with that came an onslaught of disapproval, criticism, projected shame and harrassment from a large number of native americans and also absolute love and appreciation from a large number of native americans as well as an incredible amount of admiration and support from thousands and thousands of people. The negative comments seemed to be all over the spectrum of emotions. I added and updated my own feelings and explanations to the album caption/title because comments were coming in so fast that my responses were completely lost and it was impossible to keep repeating myself and what i thought and believed. I kept trying to explain why i love and use the word wild when i was accused of calling natives savage because i used the word wild (despite the fact that i have been listening to podcasts for the last three years on re-wilding ourselves), or I explained why i felt so strongly that the fun creativity the girls and i had was meant to express their native american heritage and their lives in an adventurous magical way and not represent anyone else or that the markings were innocent and ignorant... I kept trying to diffuse the outrageous threats to only have some people change what was so threatening to them and i couldn’t keep up. Eventually after exhaustion i realized my responsibility was to do what i felt was good in my heart and went back to my mostly original caption that simply stated where the pictures were coming from. That caption can be found in the first photo screenshot in the comments gallery below. The very first caption i had put on the gallery when I originally posted was temporary until i got back home from my trip to elaborate. It simply said something to the effect that I was happy to share the fun time i had with the girls...
I also received multiple emails and phone calls as well as 3 voicemail threats and one was a death threat. And hundreds of nasty google, yelp and facebook reviews calling me a racist white privileged colonizing As**** ***ch that interestingly enough none of these people have actually met or done business with me. My social platforms had flawless reviews until this experience. So if you are feeling generous i would love help drowning out the yuck that i wasn’t able to clear up on yelp and google. Below i will post a link to both as well as the original facebook post. Goodness even if my work wasnt up to your liking that would be better than the word vomit from people ive never even met. There was even a few ladies here in our small mountain town that took it upon themselves to try and get me removed from our local galleries and slanderized my name on the local web. Thankfully most of you all know the real KA and knew the opinions spewed to be absolutely insane and that my heart and art is in an incredibly good place. My art is ART and very tastefully done with absolute appreciation and reverence for life in mind. Ive learned you can be sensitive to others but still be authentic to yourself and you cannot please them all. Art is a very powerful expressionary tool. I absolutely understand native americans pain for the atrocities done to their ancestors as well as those acts of conquering greed and religious beliefs that fueled so much murder and enslavement now and in history. I however do not believe in squashing others to bring about change to heal any of that. It has taken me a long time to learn the value of seeing things through others eyes in order to understand their perspective and reasons for believing what they do… and it has taken an even longer time to learn to not take things that others say or do personally or defensively. I love this earth, our creator, people and cultures and my heart is in a good place. I look forward to creating more art that celebrates native americans in incredible authentic regalia and who knows where else my craft will lead me <3

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