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Hello Siskiyou County Parents Athletes and Students

When navigating any ​gallery​ and its products for sale​, make sure to ​use the sites built in back buttons rather than your browsers back button (this will help ​you​ immensely with navigation). 

There are
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multiple products available
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for every image including high resolution downloads as well as prints small and large
​.  Just c
lick "buy" at the top of any image view to see all purchasing options.  Prints come from a different photo lab than things like magnets, bookmarks and posters found under specialty which means two shipping costs.  So if you order specialty make sure it is more than just a magnet :)  
High Resolution Downloads include a social media
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and personal archiving
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 rights are reserved solely to Living Shasta Photograpy. An additional license is
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for personal printing

This site has most anything you could want at competitive pricing. You can even buy mugs, aprons, magnets, steins, bamboo products, cell phone cases, ipad cases, cutting boards and much more... 

To find my unique custom Mt. Shasta memory mates click
Buy then
​ ​
Memorabilia-MemoryMates-Customize-then other at the bottom.
(its a tedious path to find them that i am working on simplifying :)  
Be sure to look closely because some memory mates have features that others do not.  All of them have fields to put in custom player/team information.

Below are some details about the most common items you will be interested in.

​For sports games, a p
re game purchase of all images on High resolution flash drive is $50

Individual high resolution image purchase from 
​any sports or school ​
gallery is $1
, pack of 5 high res is $
, pack of 10 high res is $50,  and the entire gallery high res download is $100 (all these options are in the shopping cart)

Custom memory mates $12

Large Wallets set of 4 $3

5x7 print is $4

8x10 print is $6

These prices appliy to both Football game or portrait images.

Shipping average is $3 to $5

Thankyou ahead of time for your purchase.  We are so very lucky to live in this beautiful 
​mountain area of northern California​ that we all call home! 

Enjoy and thankyou!  Living Shasta Photography by KA