Booking will be open by May 1st and the first class will be Friday night May 12th


Enviromental Portrait Photography Workshops!

by Karrie Ann ~ owner and Photographic Artist of Living Shasta Photography


~Celltography workshops click here ~ coming back in the Fall of 2017!


~Night Sky workshops coming soon.... click here!



Pack your camera and an adventurous spirit!

Follow me out into nature in beautiful Mt Shasta and surrounding area for an afternoon or day learning everything I have to impart about my environmental portrait photography style.  Choose from a natural light class or balancing your off camera strobe with the sun.  I would love to share with you what has taken me years to learn from many trials, plateaus and summits!


*small classes *bullet point outlines to take notes on *models provided

*Choose a Friday Night Shoot Out $100 ~or~ All Day Intensive $250


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*Please see below the slide show for finer details about these workshops

including what to bring and know ahead of time.






What to expect...  

I will teach you everything about my style of shooting including posing, client communications, camera functions and most importrantly how to read, create, modify and the crucial placement of light.  I believe all light is good light wether made by nature or made by man.  Different light creates different looks!  I will teach you the importance of setting small attainable goals and being your own best personal assistant able to shoot confidently on your own.  I will speak about the importance and execution of your role in creating a comfortable relaxed environment for your subject.  The psychology behind the emotional suggestions you consciously and unconsciously make in your every choice of word, attitude and intention...  What I have learned from being a portrait photographer has built my brand all on its own and has also incredibly enhanced my personal relationships and parenting experience.  I encourage you to take this journey with every aspect of your being and let the beauty of photography and power of positivity take over your passion, career and every day life!


What to bring...  

*Please arrive with a strong confident understanding of how to adjust your shutter, aperture, iso, white balance and focal points.  
*If you sign up for an off camera flash class then bring your flash, fresh batteries, a light stand and a good understanding of your remote strobe triggers as well as how to change radio channels for you triggers. Umbrellas or soft boxes not needed.

*I also suggest for any class bringing your camera manual or a google download pdf of your manual to your (fully charged) phone in case we are out of cell reception.  

*Pack a lunch for a full day workshop unless otherwise stated in the class description.



What to leave behind...  

*Please leave behind your competitive spirit.  It may suit you well to achieve greater and stronger in your everyday life like it has undoubtedly mine but these workshops are a group learning environment set up to help all of you thrive.  For example... instead of impatiently pursuing an opportunity to get a shot in, remember you can learn as well if not even better by assisting the clinician next to you and learn from each others trials and executions of ideas.  I will do what i feel is best to cycle everyone through as much opportunity as possible.  Which is why I keep the classes small and provide multiple models for larger and longer days...

*These workshops are NOT portfolio building, although you will go home with lots of material to study and replicate. So please take it easy and use all of your senses to learn, not just your image capture.

*Also please leave behind any lofty expectations of what you "think you should learn" and open your mind to the amazing opportunity that I am laying my soul and craft out on the table for you to pick up whatever you want to absorb.  If my portfolio is an inspiration to you then we will be an amazing match and know that i will bend over backwards to help you understand anything about what i do and teach.  In my years of taking workshops ive come to understand that coming home with even a couple new tools in my belt was a powerful accelerator to my goals.

*Please do not cell phone photograph or video record the presentation or other clinicians during the workshop.  It's extremely distracting and makes some people way to uncomfortable and is not a good asset to learning.  Your professional camera images of models and personal written notes will be your greatest tool. Feel free to record your experience or the scenery we are in. 



What to know...

*We will meet at a pre designated location and funnel down to minimal cars as best we can.

*We will visit one, two or possibly three locations to be determined right before the workshop depending on what i feel looks and works best with our group.  

*We will shoot in almost any weather except downpour that would put our equipment in jeopardy.  Ive learned not to be scared of a little weather because it makes for some of the most stunning imagery possible!  


Financial & Legalities...

*This information coming soon...


I Reserve the right...

*To ask anyone to leave the workshop for my perception of destructive behavior or rule neglect without compensation or refund.  All though I have never had to do that before it is important that it is known to be a possibility.