Thankyou so much for trusting Shasta Photography with your photography needs, Images are ready to view now.


The first step is to create an account on my site and then choose favorites (although this is not required). I will do a "5 star" finishing touch up on them like more precise cropping, extra boosted lighting, minor acne removal and clean up (minimal) fly away hairs!  You can pick favorites by using the heart button when viewing an image (just make sure to be logged in with your individual account first).  You can do this on a computer or through the photo moments app (app instructions below).  I suggest doing an initial generous run through and then at the top left of screen select the favorites drop down to sort through and kick some out.  When you are done choosing favorites then select "share with photographer", typically up to 20 or 30 images or less for smaller shoots.  (i accept sharing favorites only through the software provided).  


Accessing Photos You can use the link in this email or download the app and connect the gallery to it (info below). The third way is to use the client access link on my website menu.  Your client access and your print credit code are the same which is... your first initial followed by your last name and the four digit year we took photos, all lower case and no spaces


Spend your print credit!  Once you choose favorites i will upload them into a second gallery called 5 star images and issue you your print credit, it is the same as your gallery id.  There are no print credits issued for specials ran.


If you want to do your own printing, make holiday or grad announcement cards or even home albums you can add high resolution download purchase of files with copywright print release to your shopping cart order by bundles of 1, 10, 20 or entire gallery (see pricing below). After filling up your shopping cart just punch in your credit discount code when it asks for it, you may have to put in your credit card for the $4-6 shipping.  Prints are mailed directly to you.


Downloading App...  
The phone app link for apple ios or android is at the bottom of this email.  Once you download the app then come back and click on the view photos link and it will ask if you want to open with the app.  Once you do that it will stay permanently linked. Using the app is the absolute best way to manage your photos and picking favorites.  Although accessing through phone web browsers and computers are totally acceptable too. 


Wherever you post images please hash tag #shastaphotography,  It is an incredible blessing to me to be able to see how your images are loved and seen among you and your friends <3


Sample Portrait Print Pricing below, all of the extensive print size and shopping options can also be found in the gallery shopping cart.


Print Prices...

Mini Wallets (8)  $8.00 

Wallets (4)  $13.00 

4x6     $5.00

5x7     $13.00

8x10     $23.00

11x14    $65.00

12x18    $100.00

16x20    $156.00

20x30    $247.00


Home Decor ~ Ready mounted prints to showcase

Standout displays, Photo Floats, Metal Murals and much more can be ordered in Web Shop


Canvas Gallery Wraps 1.5" deep (many more sizes in web shop)

11x14    $226.50

16x20    $301.97

16x24    $331.97

20x30    $411.50


Modern Metals ready to hang (many more sizes in web shop)

11x14    $159.47

16x24    $367.37

20x30    $490.22


High Resolution File download with print release

1 file $49.00

10 files    $395.00

20 files    $575.00

Entire Gallery $650.00 (includes all images from your shoot including extra edits)
Extra Large High Resolution single Image rendered for very Large print ordering $95


Message me if you need any help KA